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Jobs You (might) Never Know

Everyone had a difficult time made the choice. Time is running out and everyone is enrolling. University is like a deep ocean that you can never see what’s underneath. Whether its’ accounting, business, medical, engineering, communication. It’s a whole new wild world and you were just a cute puppy! Somebody needs help here. After years, i discovered myself stuck in this very place i called ‘wish i weren’t here’. Well, not really. I love my life and have my pleasure to share what i found in my path.

Someone became a creative director, others programmer. Someone paid well, others living in first class world. It is never been  appropriate to envy people around you. Life is not only about money. We live our lives for the value we fight for, the idealism when the world goes crazy. But not so few people made mistakes. It is not the companies they worked for, it is not the cheque they get every month. It is the lack of courage to do something different. Will you dare to keep walking when everyone tells you to stop?

Most people will tend to find a job that gives them security. Climbing the wall of education to get these jobs are common. Banker, financial advisor, entrepreneur in any size and field. I bet my parents will scream if i told them i would choose Geology. My conversation with a close friend surprised me a lot. She just gave me a kick in the head with the amazing salary one can get with these title. Check this out.

1. Oil field engineer. It may took you months in the middle of nowhere but who cares if you can have first class flight to anywhere in the world, five stars residence and bucks to buy yourself penthouses and fast cars (read : Lamborghini) . Just what we need.

2. Travel guide. The pleasure of seeing the world will surely enrich your life in the way you never know. Learning the history of Taj Mahal and strolling down the market in Barcelona will cure the jet lag.

3. Motivational speaker. These creatures are often misjudged and still make their billion out of their audiences’ mind. The power to communicate and creation of persona makes it possible to enter the world stage as one of few most admired human.

4. Computer systems manager. Few names are famous. But thanks to them, computer applications are made and billions of dollars circulating around the world.

5. Salesman or salesgirl. They are our heroes. Representing the brand or company they worked for like they live for it. When there is only 5 percent possibilities, they are the kind of people who will try to succeed. How much do they get? Unlimited!

Now, dear my beloved neighbor, say no to mediocrity. Welcome new challenge.


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