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Possible The Impossible

image from goodbye to American dreams, now Mumbai dreams is more real to me. Two days ago i watched “Pyaar Impossible”. I know it’s a bit late to watch this movie since it was released on January 2010. Besides, i have no peer pressure for watching Bollywood movies, unlike the Hollywood movies which bring waves of friends to see them. 

For the first 10 minutes i can say it’s corny. As the story goes, it gradually became more touching and somehow very close to reality, or maybe it’s just me. Abhay Sharma is a geek who feel in love with a beautiful girl in campus, Alisha Merchant with no opportunity to be noticed by her. A romantic comedy with a touch of technology if not geek-dominated idea.

There are some reasons why i like this movie.

1. Culture of technology

Abhay’s job is quite interesting. Hindi movies gave me idea that many people in India wants to be an IT star or to be general, engineer on reputable company with high salary enough to buy couple of luxurious houses and cars. So the cast Abhay is an icon of Indian dream, a genius creating super operating system that enable multiple plattform to operate at the same time. It almost made me believe that every people born in Mumbai carries the techie gene that soon shoot them like stars into the  IT mega-companies in the world. Looks like Abhay is also a big fan of Mac, some scenes taken in Singapore’s Apple store is a bit tricky, yes it caught my attention. 

2. Possible the impossible

I like the idea of being invisible. Alisha is a beautiful and perfect girl acccording to everyones opinion. In her world, Abhays is not visible in any means. One night Abhay rescued Alisha from drowning but still couldn’t get him a chance to introduce himself. She has no clue that one particular person exist in this planet earth living with hope to be close to her.

3. No better coincidence

In his effort to get his software back, Abhay was trapped in Alisha’s house as a nanny, male nanny. How weird that is. He did two things, catch the thief who stole his software and tell Alisha about his feeling. At a perfect moment, he found his way to get these goal accomplished. All movies will rush to get the hero to the top at last minutes but this movie is quite intriguing, have to admit that the problem solved unpredictably.

4. PC 

PC stands for Priyanka Chopra. Many people love her appearance, i cannot agree more she is great in this movie.

As much as I have seen Hindi movies, they encourage effort to achieve dreams. All things are possible. Success doesn’t come easily. I hope you guys like this movie too!


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Jewel of The East

I was not a big fan of Bollywood, really. The movies were filled with drama and dance and tears, all were too complicated to me. It was me during my high school years.

Since i prefer to watch cables rather than the local channels, i am  curious enough to BBC’s content, their expedition to Himalaya and travel around the world sort of things. One thing i also found on cables is Channel V India. There i find the modern face of India. In fact it is very much interesting how they has become the most developing country with huge growth, and how tradition walks side by side with modernization. 

That was the turning point, i continued to watch their movies. When i talk about Bollywood, many people would refer to “Slumdog Millionaire” but after some kick on search engine, i found out that it was not a Bollywood but Hollywood. One great thing about the movie was the song by A.R. Rahman which so captivating with the rich composition and orchestral harmony. For those who are interested to find out more, i would suggest movies like “My Name Is Khan” and “3 Idiots”. It’s quite a perfect picture of the society, a lot of drama, modernized dance and rich musical performance.

Next thing after movies were the soundtrack, i thought it’s the easiest way to find a good music. This one is even more compelling. It’s all in there, the love, the faith, the emotion. I can hardly say what that is but it’s a new experience for me who have set my ears to American hip hop and British pop. The sound of the Sitar, the extraordinary vocals and of course the lyrics. Many websites provide translation of the songs and again it was a journey to me.

India is also about food. I went to a famous Indian restaurant in town with my husband. The food seemed to make an affirmation of my thoughts of India. The culture is rich, it’s a mixture of Hindu and Islam, a bit touch of Oriental and Persian influence, very artistic. Well, i hope someday i will go to India, visit Taj Mahal and breathe the magnificent essence of Mughal’s art.

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