Collecting letters on the ground and put them in your heart.

To Conceive or Not To Conceive

Few years ago i heard someone said that women always conceive whatever they collect. If you plant seeds of happiness, she will be happy. If you plant seeds of hatred, you will get negative things in assorted manifestation as result. I believed that for sometime later. But recently i think about it over and over again and guess what? It’s not (always) true. Smart women decide what they wanted and what they don’t. Many guys ask you out but you don’t say yes to every of them, right?

We may not be able to prevent bad things happen in our life, our career, our love life but we have the authority to determine how it will affect our mind. When we have an intimidating boss, sometimes there is nothing we can do about it. When we meet with an unethical business offer that’s hard to resist, you have the right to say no. You are the only one who can hit the button to let the seeds come in or keeping them at bay.

I have seen many people struggling with situation, rejection and they became frustrated because they can’t get a perfect life like they think others might have. I have been in that situation also, that makes me want to give up. But then i think, it will be unfair if we must suffer from these things. Becoming a victim is not what we are here for. Believe that there is no dead end. We are the only person responsible to how life will affect us. We can say yes to things and say no to the others. Remember the seeds story, we can keep the good seeds and refuse the bad ones.

Honestly, sometimes i feel like 80% of my life doesn’t turn the way i always dreamed. There are two options for me. Be ignorant and see how the 80% soon become a total doom for me or to take the 20% chance and do something for myself as well as others. I am not a victim of life. I decide what i want and how i will be in the future. I haven’t reach there yet but i am sure that all of us have the same opportunity.


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Jobs You (might) Never Know

Everyone had a difficult time made the choice. Time is running out and everyone is enrolling. University is like a deep ocean that you can never see what’s underneath. Whether its’ accounting, business, medical, engineering, communication. It’s a whole new wild world and you were just a cute puppy! Somebody needs help here. After years, i discovered myself stuck in this very place i called ‘wish i weren’t here’. Well, not really. I love my life and have my pleasure to share what i found in my path.

Someone became a creative director, others programmer. Someone paid well, others living in first class world. It is never been  appropriate to envy people around you. Life is not only about money. We live our lives for the value we fight for, the idealism when the world goes crazy. But not so few people made mistakes. It is not the companies they worked for, it is not the cheque they get every month. It is the lack of courage to do something different. Will you dare to keep walking when everyone tells you to stop?

Most people will tend to find a job that gives them security. Climbing the wall of education to get these jobs are common. Banker, financial advisor, entrepreneur in any size and field. I bet my parents will scream if i told them i would choose Geology. My conversation with a close friend surprised me a lot. She just gave me a kick in the head with the amazing salary one can get with these title. Check this out.

1. Oil field engineer. It may took you months in the middle of nowhere but who cares if you can have first class flight to anywhere in the world, five stars residence and bucks to buy yourself penthouses and fast cars (read : Lamborghini) . Just what we need.

2. Travel guide. The pleasure of seeing the world will surely enrich your life in the way you never know. Learning the history of Taj Mahal and strolling down the market in Barcelona will cure the jet lag.

3. Motivational speaker. These creatures are often misjudged and still make their billion out of their audiences’ mind. The power to communicate and creation of persona makes it possible to enter the world stage as one of few most admired human.

4. Computer systems manager. Few names are famous. But thanks to them, computer applications are made and billions of dollars circulating around the world.

5. Salesman or salesgirl. They are our heroes. Representing the brand or company they worked for like they live for it. When there is only 5 percent possibilities, they are the kind of people who will try to succeed. How much do they get? Unlimited!

Now, dear my beloved neighbor, say no to mediocrity. Welcome new challenge.

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Five Rules at Work And How To Break Them

When romance kills and hanging out has lost its excitement, we run to our office and start building our own empire state. Life needs balance. Now i just found several rules, the essential things you need to know to avoid unemployment and instant stupidity that sometimes occur in the meeting room. Plus the ultimate unspoken rules, i mean how to break the first rules, that will save your sanity and eventually get you into peace of mind.

Rule#1 : Agree With Your Boss

Boss always have their insight and their experience will make them the person who deserves to say “I’ve told you” whenever we do any form of foolishness at work. So i keep in mind to always listen to this guy and learn how they made that conclusion. But don’t just agree, throw some ideas that are not contrary to his or her ideas and see how it gets mixed into the big plan.

Rule#2 : Don’t Argue Your Manager

Managers are paid to manage things and mess that our boss don’t want to see. They often make decision without discussing with the team, especially when the time is short and immediate action is required. Some are good some are bizarre! When the pressure is high and the situation is critical, don’t argue with manager. But if your consciousness tells you not to fly to regional office only for plugging their computer cable, the you have to ask. Turn arguments into questions, that will make them think again about the decisions.

Rule#3 : Do Your Tasks On Schedule

What we don’t understand is if everyday was filled with meetings and reports, when we have time to execute? It’s almost impossible to always be around and finish all the duties at the same time. Now this is my dirty little secret, you just have to do it all on behalf of your success and achievement, not your career. So when you are demanded to do extra work while everyone’s sleeping, do it for yourself. Your boss will only hum when he sees your report. Your manager might take credits on what you do. But who’s got all the experience and expertise? YOU. Yes, you are the hero.

Rule#4 : Follow The Procedure

There are some protocols in our office that we need to follow. Department A need extra cash for immediate purpose this week and this goes to the Operational Director for approval before the Finance Manager. I Have no options for you but to follow this lame procedure. But when the wheel’s screaming for fuel to come in, you need to jump and forget these procedure. By the end of the day, the result will speak for you.

Rule#5 : Don’t Flirt Your Customer

This is 100% correct. Personal relationship does effect our professional performance. Don’t mess work and relationship. But when unanticipated things happen, please do make a choice. Or do nothing at all.

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Nights and Dreams

When i was a little kid, i had a dream of becoming a great architect, living in a luxurious penthouse in New York. I was nine years old back then. I pictured myself standing holding a glass of wine by the window casting my glances at every opportunity ahead of me. Tall buildings stand in proud. Gleaming sky promise me wealth and fame. I was only a little kid. Tonight. It has been three hours since i stared at my window. I see tall buildings, well, not as tall as New York’s skyscrapers. I see shimmering light of the city. Across i see the Ivory Tower in all it’s charm. When the sun setting behind the hotel building, i see the mix of blue, yellow, red, purple and black. I was amazed that God perform this spectacle every day at almost the same hour. And when the rain falls down, it wipes all the unnecessary detail of my sight. Leaving only The Ivory Tower, street lights and reflections of my face on the window. The rain just washed away the city, unable to wash my dreams and wishes. Not every part of my dreams come true. I am allergic to alcohol, it’s almost impossible for me to enjoy the night view with wine on glass. I went to design school and ever since forget the idea about being an architect. But i can say that i am very happy. Everything that i wanted. some of them forgotten but some of them turns to be surprise for my future days.

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Possible The Impossible

image from goodbye to American dreams, now Mumbai dreams is more real to me. Two days ago i watched “Pyaar Impossible”. I know it’s a bit late to watch this movie since it was released on January 2010. Besides, i have no peer pressure for watching Bollywood movies, unlike the Hollywood movies which bring waves of friends to see them. 

For the first 10 minutes i can say it’s corny. As the story goes, it gradually became more touching and somehow very close to reality, or maybe it’s just me. Abhay Sharma is a geek who feel in love with a beautiful girl in campus, Alisha Merchant with no opportunity to be noticed by her. A romantic comedy with a touch of technology if not geek-dominated idea.

There are some reasons why i like this movie.

1. Culture of technology

Abhay’s job is quite interesting. Hindi movies gave me idea that many people in India wants to be an IT star or to be general, engineer on reputable company with high salary enough to buy couple of luxurious houses and cars. So the cast Abhay is an icon of Indian dream, a genius creating super operating system that enable multiple plattform to operate at the same time. It almost made me believe that every people born in Mumbai carries the techie gene that soon shoot them like stars into the  IT mega-companies in the world. Looks like Abhay is also a big fan of Mac, some scenes taken in Singapore’s Apple store is a bit tricky, yes it caught my attention. 

2. Possible the impossible

I like the idea of being invisible. Alisha is a beautiful and perfect girl acccording to everyones opinion. In her world, Abhays is not visible in any means. One night Abhay rescued Alisha from drowning but still couldn’t get him a chance to introduce himself. She has no clue that one particular person exist in this planet earth living with hope to be close to her.

3. No better coincidence

In his effort to get his software back, Abhay was trapped in Alisha’s house as a nanny, male nanny. How weird that is. He did two things, catch the thief who stole his software and tell Alisha about his feeling. At a perfect moment, he found his way to get these goal accomplished. All movies will rush to get the hero to the top at last minutes but this movie is quite intriguing, have to admit that the problem solved unpredictably.

4. PC 

PC stands for Priyanka Chopra. Many people love her appearance, i cannot agree more she is great in this movie.

As much as I have seen Hindi movies, they encourage effort to achieve dreams. All things are possible. Success doesn’t come easily. I hope you guys like this movie too!

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Set PDF Security Options

Adobe Acrobat provides option to set security code when you export file to PDF. Good news for Mac users, i mean, iWork users that you can get this feature without purchasing any other application. All you need is there, in iWork. After you finish your document, for example in Pages, you can send them to Mail and iWork instantly convert the document into PDF format without you exporting to PDF, which will take some extra bytes in your hard drive.

When you need to secure the document, you can Export the file to PDF. Click Share > Export, click security options and make your own setting. This allow you to prevent receiver to open, print or copy the content, unless you give the password, of course. Add password to your PDF file

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Jewel of The East

I was not a big fan of Bollywood, really. The movies were filled with drama and dance and tears, all were too complicated to me. It was me during my high school years.

Since i prefer to watch cables rather than the local channels, i am  curious enough to BBC’s content, their expedition to Himalaya and travel around the world sort of things. One thing i also found on cables is Channel V India. There i find the modern face of India. In fact it is very much interesting how they has become the most developing country with huge growth, and how tradition walks side by side with modernization. 

That was the turning point, i continued to watch their movies. When i talk about Bollywood, many people would refer to “Slumdog Millionaire” but after some kick on search engine, i found out that it was not a Bollywood but Hollywood. One great thing about the movie was the song by A.R. Rahman which so captivating with the rich composition and orchestral harmony. For those who are interested to find out more, i would suggest movies like “My Name Is Khan” and “3 Idiots”. It’s quite a perfect picture of the society, a lot of drama, modernized dance and rich musical performance.

Next thing after movies were the soundtrack, i thought it’s the easiest way to find a good music. This one is even more compelling. It’s all in there, the love, the faith, the emotion. I can hardly say what that is but it’s a new experience for me who have set my ears to American hip hop and British pop. The sound of the Sitar, the extraordinary vocals and of course the lyrics. Many websites provide translation of the songs and again it was a journey to me.

India is also about food. I went to a famous Indian restaurant in town with my husband. The food seemed to make an affirmation of my thoughts of India. The culture is rich, it’s a mixture of Hindu and Islam, a bit touch of Oriental and Persian influence, very artistic. Well, i hope someday i will go to India, visit Taj Mahal and breathe the magnificent essence of Mughal’s art.

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Make Your Icon CS5 Style

I will call this a gift of CS5. You can make your icon easily in Icon Generator, a free application to make your own icon, Adobe CS5 style.

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Clash of The Titans

After reading Steve Jobs’ open letter on Flash, i saw Adobe campaign as they fight back against Apple. People are talking about this everywhere, here and now. Concerning where the stream will take us. The world is just a world of imperfection. I thought i was going to write something but then i decided to wait and see.

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Adobe CS5

CS5 has recently announced. Though many people are complaining the high price of these software but i am still sure the latest updates is super cool with their ground-breaking feature. While i am still waiting to see them in action, i had seen the launch video showing the major new features of which i believe from the right source. Here are the summary :

  • Content-aware fill in Photoshop enables you to easily select and move object and fill the gap.
  • CS review to share comments online from the application.
  • Flash Catalyst to create interactive content from native Photoshop or Illustrator without coding.
  • Browser Lab enables you to check your web page in different browser and compare it directly.
  • Adobe Mercury playback and rendering engine for greater performance in HD production.
  • Premiere Pro and After Effects are native, built from the ground up 64 bit.

Many designers who are also working on web stuffs will find this quite amazing. Admitting we don’t know anything about coding, and won’t give any effort to learn it, CS5 might be a cure. On the production site, i am curious about how Premiere Pro will gain more users especially after they introduced Rotoscoping in After Effects. I hope to let you know more after the Roadshow.

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