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To Conceive or Not To Conceive

Few years ago i heard someone said that women always conceive whatever they collect. If you plant seeds of happiness, she will be happy. If you plant seeds of hatred, you will get negative things in assorted manifestation as result. I believed that for sometime later. But recently i think about it over and over again and guess what? It’s not (always) true. Smart women decide what they wanted and what they don’t. Many guys ask you out but you don’t say yes to every of them, right?

We may not be able to prevent bad things happen in our life, our career, our love life but we have the authority to determine how it will affect our mind. When we have an intimidating boss, sometimes there is nothing we can do about it. When we meet with an unethical business offer that’s hard to resist, you have the right to say no. You are the only one who can hit the button to let the seeds come in or keeping them at bay.

I have seen many people struggling with situation, rejection and they became frustrated because they can’t get a perfect life like they think others might have. I have been in that situation also, that makes me want to give up. But then i think, it will be unfair if we must suffer from these things. Becoming a victim is not what we are here for. Believe that there is no dead end. We are the only person responsible to how life will affect us. We can say yes to things and say no to the others. Remember the seeds story, we can keep the good seeds and refuse the bad ones.

Honestly, sometimes i feel like 80% of my life doesn’t turn the way i always dreamed. There are two options for me. Be ignorant and see how the 80% soon become a total doom for me or to take the 20% chance and do something for myself as well as others. I am not a victim of life. I decide what i want and how i will be in the future. I haven’t reach there yet but i am sure that all of us have the same opportunity.


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