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Five Rules at Work And How To Break Them

When romance kills and hanging out has lost its excitement, we run to our office and start building our own empire state. Life needs balance. Now i just found several rules, the essential things you need to know to avoid unemployment and instant stupidity that sometimes occur in the meeting room. Plus the ultimate unspoken rules, i mean how to break the first rules, that will save your sanity and eventually get you into peace of mind.

Rule#1 : Agree With Your Boss

Boss always have their insight and their experience will make them the person who deserves to say “I’ve told you” whenever we do any form of foolishness at work. So i keep in mind to always listen to this guy and learn how they made that conclusion. But don’t just agree, throw some ideas that are not contrary to his or her ideas and see how it gets mixed into the big plan.

Rule#2 : Don’t Argue Your Manager

Managers are paid to manage things and mess that our boss don’t want to see. They often make decision without discussing with the team, especially when the time is short and immediate action is required. Some are good some are bizarre! When the pressure is high and the situation is critical, don’t argue with manager. But if your consciousness tells you not to fly to regional office only for plugging their computer cable, the you have to ask. Turn arguments into questions, that will make them think again about the decisions.

Rule#3 : Do Your Tasks On Schedule

What we don’t understand is if everyday was filled with meetings and reports, when we have time to execute? It’s almost impossible to always be around and finish all the duties at the same time. Now this is my dirty little secret, you just have to do it all on behalf of your success and achievement, not your career. So when you are demanded to do extra work while everyone’s sleeping, do it for yourself. Your boss will only hum when he sees your report. Your manager might take credits on what you do. But who’s got all the experience and expertise? YOU. Yes, you are the hero.

Rule#4 : Follow The Procedure

There are some protocols in our office that we need to follow. Department A need extra cash for immediate purpose this week and this goes to the Operational Director for approval before the Finance Manager. I Have no options for you but to follow this lame procedure. But when the wheel’s screaming for fuel to come in, you need to jump and forget these procedure. By the end of the day, the result will speak for you.

Rule#5 : Don’t Flirt Your Customer

This is 100% correct. Personal relationship does effect our professional performance. Don’t mess work and relationship. But when unanticipated things happen, please do make a choice. Or do nothing at all.


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