Collecting letters on the ground and put them in your heart.

Nights and Dreams

When i was a little kid, i had a dream of becoming a great architect, living in a luxurious penthouse in New York. I was nine years old back then. I pictured myself standing holding a glass of wine by the window casting my glances at every opportunity ahead of me. Tall buildings stand in proud. Gleaming sky promise me wealth and fame. I was only a little kid. Tonight. It has been three hours since i stared at my window. I see tall buildings, well, not as tall as New York’s skyscrapers. I see shimmering light of the city. Across i see the Ivory Tower in all it’s charm. When the sun setting behind the hotel building, i see the mix of blue, yellow, red, purple and black. I was amazed that God perform this spectacle every day at almost the same hour. And when the rain falls down, it wipes all the unnecessary detail of my sight. Leaving only The Ivory Tower, street lights and reflections of my face on the window. The rain just washed away the city, unable to wash my dreams and wishes. Not every part of my dreams come true. I am allergic to alcohol, it’s almost impossible for me to enjoy the night view with wine on glass. I went to design school and ever since forget the idea about being an architect. But i can say that i am very happy. Everything that i wanted. some of them forgotten but some of them turns to be surprise for my future days.


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