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Adobe CS5

CS5 has recently announced. Though many people are complaining the high price of these software but i am still sure the latest updates is super cool with their ground-breaking feature. While i am still waiting to see them in action, i had seen the launch video showing the major new features of which i believe from the right source. Here are the summary :

  • Content-aware fill in Photoshop enables you to easily select and move object and fill the gap.
  • CS review to share comments online from the application.
  • Flash Catalyst to create interactive content from native Photoshop or Illustrator without coding.
  • Browser Lab enables you to check your web page in different browser and compare it directly.
  • Adobe Mercury playback and rendering engine for greater performance in HD production.
  • Premiere Pro and After Effects are native, built from the ground up 64 bit.

Many designers who are also working on web stuffs will find this quite amazing. Admitting we don’t know anything about coding, and won’t give any effort to learn it, CS5 might be a cure. On the production site, i am curious about how Premiere Pro will gain more users especially after they introduced Rotoscoping in After Effects. I hope to let you know more after the Roadshow.


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